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Utah Team Championships

MAYjor League MoneyBall

May 18-20 (Thu – Sat), Orem Club

Tournament Registration

($160 per team, $40 per player before 4/15. $200 per team after 4/15)


6-Game Guarantee + Tie-Breakers

MLP Format

Teams of 4, Best 3 of 5 Games

First 4 Games are Doubles

5th Game Tie-Break is Singles


MLP Format is one of pickleball’s most electric tournament formats. It cultivates the team environment and inspires camaraderie, strategy and intense finishes! Here’s how the format goes:

Each team of 4 will create 4 doubles pairings (each player plays twice & a different partner each time) and will play 4 doubles matches against the opponent. If those 4 matches end at 2-2, there will be a tie-breaker match to 21 that rotates through the team of 4 in a singles match play.

The MoneyBall version of this MLP format will include pool play, followed by either semifinals or finals depending on the number of teams in a specific skill division.

If your team has mixed skill levels, here’s how you should proceed. Your team should not have a collective (all 4 players skill levels added together) skill rating greater than:

3.0: 12.5 (ie, 3.0, 3.2, 2.9, 3.1 = 12.2)

3.5: 14.5

4.0: 16.5

4.5: 18.5

5.0: not limited

Team Registration (price is per team)