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Court Rates

Freedom to Play when you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.
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Stop Waiting. Start Playing.

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Reserve a Court & Never Wait to Play

Weekdays: 6:00am – Midnight
Friday/Saturday: 6:00am – Midnight
Sunday: Sandy Open 9am-5pm | Orem By Appointment in Advance, 4 Court Minimum
  • Guests of members pay a $10 guest fee on a member reservation.
  • Visitors (w/o Member):
    $9.00 ea. in a 4-some ($36 per court, per hour, up to 8 players per court)
    Can be booked up to 2 days in advance. No guest fees apply.
  • Freedom Members:
    $4.50 ea. in a 4-some ($18 per court, per hour)
    Can book 7 days in advance. Guest fees apply.
  • Diamond Members:
    $2.50 ea. in a 4-some ($10 per court, per hour)
    Can book 14 days in advance. Guest fees apply.
  • Diamond Elite Members:
    FREE for Elite Member. $2.50 ea. for 3 other players.
    Can book 15 days in advance. Guest fees apply.

Court Reservation FAQ’s:


Do I have to make a reservation?

No, we allow walk-ins as long as a court is available. It’s best to plan ahead, but not required. Saturdays from open to close are near 80% occupancy, so we recommend reserving your spot.


What if I’m not a member?

You’re not required to be a member to reserve a court. If you are a member of the Club, you pay significantly less & can book courts more in advance.


What is the total cost to reserve a court as a non-member?

$9 per player, per hour not to exceed $36. Meaning, if you have 6 players, it’s $6 each instead of $9 each (4-some). If you play often, you’d want to be a member to cut your cost per hour in half, or more.


Who do I contact to make the reservation?

Members and Visitors may use the Court Reserve app to book courts in the calendar. (The app is free)  Visitors may also text us your reservation request: (801) 895-0073. Here’s what to include in the text:

  • First & Last Name
  • Date of Play
  • Start Time & End Time (on the hour)
  • # of Players

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Reservation Policies

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Cancelation Policy

Court Reservations & Event Registrations must be canceled no less than 48 hours in advance to be eligible for refund. Please respect your fellow Club members, only reserve if you’re going to play.

Why does it cost money to reserve a court?

In order to manage a Club schedule and offer guaranteed court times, there must be an incentive for members and visitors to not only plan ahead but also to keep to a schedule out of respect for other patrons. The most organic motivator for punctuality, planning and privilege of playing uninterrupted is…money.

We’ve designed the membership program in a way to give our members the best prices on court rates and also the lowest average cost per hour played.

We also designed our membership programs to have what’s called Advanced Booking. Meaning, members have an easier time booking the times they want in advance with a larger calendar to work with than a Visitor. Life is short, you shouldn’t be waiting or competing for court time when a few bucks will give you the non-stop pickleball you deserve!