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The Club

Freedom to Play

15 Indoor Courts

Outdoor Surface

2 Championship Courts

(Court 1 & Court 4)

Pro Shop & Lounge

Pickleball isn’t just about competition, it’s about community and a culture of friendly recreation! The Club is a place to meet new friends, strengthen existing bonds, find new business & professional relationships while building a network. The Club will feature lounge areas, spectating benches, merchandise, your favorite pickleball brands for gear and also snacks & drinks!

Tournaments & Competition

At Club Pickleball USA you’ll have the opportunity to participate in many exciting events:
  • Tournaments
  • Ladders
  • Women’s Leagues
  • Men’s Leagues
  • Singles Socials
  • Speed Dating Mixed Doubles (college kids)
  • Skills & Drills sessions
  • Private & Group Lessons from the Pros
  • Ball Machine Rentals
  • Skill Level King of the Court
  • Summer Camps
  • Corporate Events
  • Member’s Only Parties

Some events will have their own registration fees or reservation fees and others will be complimentary depending on membership level and event type.

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