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November 16, 17 & 18

Tournament Registration

$140 per team or $35 per player
($160 & $40 after 10/22)



6-Game Guarantee Per Player
Teams of 4, Best 3 of 5 Games
All Games are Doubles, Rally Scoring
Played at the Orem Club

Nov. 16th: Mixed Doubles (2 M, 2 F)

Nov. 18th: Women’s Doubles

Nov. 18th: Men’s Doubles

Start Times & Player List (Click to View)


MLP Format is one of pickleball’s most electric tournament formats. It cultivates the team environment and inspires camaraderie, strategy and intense finishes! Here’s how the format goes:

Each team of 4 will create 4 doubles pairings (each player plays twice & a different partner each time) and will play 4 doubles matches against the opponent. If those 4 matches end at 2-2, there will be a tie-breaker match to 21 that rotates through the team of 4 players in a doubles match play; rotate out 1 partner every 4 points.

This MLP format will include pool play, followed by either semifinals or finals depending on the number of teams in a specific skill division.

If your team has mixed skill levels, here’s how you should proceed. Your team should not have a collective (all 4 players skill levels added together) skill rating greater than:

3.0: 13 (ie, 3.0, 3.2, 2.9, 3.1 = 12.2)

3.5: 15

4.0: 17

4.5: 19

5.0: not limited

Team Registration (price per team)