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March 7-9 (Thu – Sat)

Tournament Registration

($60 per team or $30 per player before 1/12, $70 or $35 before 2/10, $80 or $40 as of 2/11)


3 Seeding Matches, Followed by Playoffs.

Every Team Advances to Playoff Round!

CPUSA’s Most Popular Tournament Format!

March Madness Bracketology is our most popular tournament format! With a 4-game guarantee, every team will play 3 matches to 11, win by 2, to establish seeding. Then every team, according to their seed, will enter the single elimination playoff bracket with games to 15 win by 2. Like the NCAA tournament, this is a win or go home portion of the tournament and the brackets make for an exciting storyline of upsets & suspenseful finishes! Don’t miss Bracketology!

Player Registration

  • March – Women’s Doubles Tournament Registration

  • March – Singles Tournament Registration

  • March – Mixed Doubles Tournament Registration

  • March – Men’s Doubles Tournament Registration