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July 27-29

Tournament Registration

(APP Registrants: $60/Team or $30/Player)
(Non-APP Registrants: $70/Team or $35/Player)


Winner’s Bracket: Best 2/3 to 11 by 2.

Elimination Bracket: 1 Game to 15 by 2.

The SLC Open will be Double Elimination format where the loser’s bracket can win their way back into the finals.

For players who supported us and the APP, we are discounting the registration fee to $20/player before 7/9 & $30 thereafter. (verified list)

If you didn’t sign up for APP (we have the list of names), it’s still only $35/player because of how soon this event is taking place. If you register by 7/9, you can get in for $25/player. Please register ASAP so we can release start times on the 11th.

PRO Division will have a payout of 75% of Pro registration fees. All other divisions are playing for pride, podiums & medals. Why only the pro divisions? Because 75%+ of the APP registrations were among the pro divisions in Men’s, Mixed, Women’s & Singles.

APP Player Registration

  • Sale!

    July – Mixed Doubles (APP DISCOUNT)

  • Sale!

    July – Men’s Doubles (APP DISCOUNT)

  • Sale!

    July – Singles (APP DISCOUNT)

  • Sale!

    July – Women’s Doubles (APP DISCOUNT)


Non-APP Player Registration

Start Time Available Here!