2 Club Ladders:
Sandy & Orem

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  • Gifts from Sponsors
  • 80+ Days of Pickleball (9/26 – 12/17)
  • 3 Rounds: Bouts (Season), Prelims (Final Seeding), Titles (Tournament)
  • 4 Weight Classes (Skill Levels): 2.5/3.0 (Bantamweight), 3.5 (Welterweight), 4.0 (Middleweight), 4.5+ (Heavyweight).
  • Prizes for Champs!
  • Free Club Court Time (12-4pm Weekdays), must be a verified ladder match.
  • No Guest Fees for verified ladder matches/players. (non-member subs n/a)
  • Diamonds get $10 off ($39)
  • Repeat players get $10 off (if you played last season)
  • Boxing Theme: Matches are Bouts, Challenges are Fights, a Win is a KO or a TKO!
  • KO (knockouts) are Bouts in a best 3/5 to 11 win by 2. (see rules)
  • TKO’s (technical knockouts) are Bouts in a best 4/7 to 11 win by 2. (see rules)
  • Ladder League must have strict rules to function properly; respect the rules.
  • Registration includes the Tournament for Qualifying Teams.
  • REGISTER before 9/15 to SAVE! ($10 off Doubles, $5 off Singles)


Prices are per team (doubles) & per player (singles).

Everyone who registers prior to 9/15 receives $5 off per player (discount shown below).

If you are a Diamond member ($10 off) or a repeat player from last season (another $10 off), you can email info@ClubPickleballUSA.com and we’ll use your Court Reserve account to register you with the applicable discounts.




What is a ladder?

Similar to climbing a traditional ladder, your goal here is to get to the top! Win & move up, lose & move down.

How long does it go?

The ladder is in 3 rounds with our Boxing theme:

Round 1: BOUTS! These are your pickleball challenges or fights. (9/26-12/5)

Round 2: PRELIMS! This is the final seeding portion prior to the tournament with slightly modified rules for advancing your ranking. (12/5-12/15)

Round 3: TITLES! All the glory and fame will be on the line in the tournament. All teams/players will advance to the Title Round. (12/16 & 12/17) 16th is the Club Tournament & 17th will be winners from Sandy vs. winners from Orem.

Do I need a partner?

Yes. Doubles is a team format & you’ll have the same partner throughout the ladder; choose wisely. If needed you can use a sub on a challenge bout, but you can’t challenge your way to the top with a substitute partner.

Obviously, singles does not require a partner.

How does the format work?

There are 2 different formats for a Bout (challenge) and the team issuing the challenge decides whether they are going for a KO (3/5) or a TKO (4/7). Please note, you can only call a bout to a team within 3 ranks above or below you. You can challenge UP or DOWN, but they have different results:

Definitions: Contenders are the team issuing the challenge. Defenders are the team receiving the challenge.

KNOCKOUT (KO): Best 3/5 games, to 11 win by 2. If you are the contenders challenging UP and you beat the defenders, then the contenders move up 1 and the defenders move down 1. If you challenge UP and lose, you keep your spot but the defender moves up 1 spot. If you challenge DOWN and win, you move up 1 but the defenders don’t move down. If you challenge DOWN and lose, you keep your spot but the defenders move up one. If you challenge DOWN and win, you can’t move higher than #4 in the ladder off of down challenges. You have to beat 1st, 2nd or 3rd to overtake a top 3 spot.

TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT (TKO): Best 4/7 games, to 11 win by 2. Only available in UP challenges. You can only TKO challenge the same team twice all season. If you win a TKO, you steal that teams ranking and they move to the spot beneath you. If you TKO challenge and lose, you move down 1 and the other team moves up 1 spot. Similar rule applies here as above…if you defend a TKO, you move up 1 spot but not further than #4. If you’re in the top 3 and you defend a TKO, you keep your ranking and the contender moves down 1 spot.


Check out the player list and all the additional “rules of engagement” here: